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Furniture & Accessory Rental

Shopping and Product selection is a major part of home designing. And believe us, it is not simple as it sounds. Yes, shopping and purchasing products are part of everyone’s daily lives. But there’s more to it if you’re buying products for your dream home. Unfortunately, not all organizations understand how much goes into when choosing home products for renovation or redecoration.

There are just several factors to consider to come up with the best products – from the name of the brand to your budget, and of course, your vision. We know this fact very well. It is one of the early steps in shaping your home yet also one of the most challenging services.

Furniture selection

Whether you wanted a modern, classic, antique, or custom design, you can throw any idea you have. We are familiar with a wide array of home products, both global and local brands, so we know we can get you what you wanted. From a long list of selections, we recommend only the products and furnishings that will compliment your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and entire home design. We are also collaborating with various artisans and suppliers to bring products that will suit you and bring you comfort.

Hundreds of choices of home products at your finger

We make it our responsibility to bring you the home you always dreamed of. Contact us today and let us do the shopping for your space.

Whether your project is basic home remodeling, home staging, home decoration, or a major renovation – you need a superior product. Unless you have the right fixture, furniture, or home accessories, you cannot furnish your home the way you wanted.

Lighting Selection

Good thing, here at Decogenic, we enjoy every challenge we encounter and win over them magnificently. There are hundreds of home products out there in the market. All come, in different colors, sizes, and prices. We this sea of choices, we choose only the best products that match your needs, delight your lifestyle and stand the test of time.

Creative, Quality, and Beautiful

In this service painting, the client’s vision is the most crucial part. We discuss every detail with our clients to understand exactly what they want. Only then, we can decide which products will work for your home.

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