How It Works

Step One

The First Step Of Our Operation Is The Consultation.  This Assessment Of Your Home Can Take Up To 2 Hours Depending On The Size Of Your Home.  With Our Expert Advice, We Will Go Room By Room And Review Each Area To Determine Where We Can Remodel And What We Can Do To Improve The House. Within 48-72  Hours A Consultation Report Will Be Shared With You For Review.  This Document Is A Detailed Checklist Of Work To Be Done And Suggested Areas Of Improvement To Get Your Home Stage Ready.

Step Two

Preparation Is Essential To Successful Home Staging.  The Consultation Report Will Be Used As Your Guide In Order To Prepare Your Property For Sale.   After Reviewing The Report And Determining Your Budget, You Can Decide Which Tasks You Can Complete Independently Or Which Ones You Might Need A Little Extra Help With.

Furniture for home decoration

Step Three

The Most Important Part Of The Whole Operation Is The Starting Day. Once Your Home Is Absolutely Clean, Organized And In Many Instances Freshly Painted, We Come In And Get To Work On The Transformation!  Your Home Will Be Transformed Into Your Dream!  Our Attention To Detail Will Make Sure That Your Home Looks Beautiful From The Second Someone Walks In The Door Or Scrolls Through Your Listing Online.  We Have A Wide Variety Of Luxurious Furniture And Décor Items Such As wall arts, floor wear, Lamps, Pillows and Beddings To Add To The Attractiveness Of Your Home. 

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