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Renovation consultation

The renovation procedure always starts with a consultation. At this stage, we identify our client’s visions. We also establish both the client’s priorities and dilemmas. During the renovation consultation also, we share ideas and possibilities that could improve the client’s vision.

Renovation consultation is a necessary step to make to come up with a proper home design and plan. By properly doing these works, we are minimizing the possible mistakes, allowing us to flawlessly execute the next steps of building your home.

Commercial and office renovation

We know how important building a perfect commercial place can be. Workspaces must promote inspiration, motivation, and productivity. In other spaces like shops and restaurants, it requires bespoke and unique designs that can catch and captivate anyone’s eye.

Hire Decogenic for commercial and home renovation. We will offer a complete package to transform your space perfectly for your business.

Home Renovation Services

Your home should provide you comfort from stress. It should improve your mood and contribute to your healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Finally, it should shelter you from the danger in the outside world. If your home can’t give you these, then it might be the right time to take Home Renovation Services.

In home renovation, you are working existing spaces and transforming them into a place you really want, without compromising their quality and reliability. 

Home Renovation is one of the core services of Decogenic. These encompass a variety of practices. But you don’t need to deal with different contractors or other organizations if you choose to work for us. We have highly skilled people in our team that can handle all types of work from simple interior painting to more complex works like plumbing. We also remodel home interiors, produce design, complete electrical system, fix simple home damages, and refurbish homes.

Our experience extends to different spaces including houses, offices, condominiums, be it inter or exterior.

So you wanted to give your home a new look? Or perhaps you want to create a perfect place for work? Let our trained renovation experts do the work for you.

Commercial and office renovation
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