Full Home staging

How to Stage Your Home

Home staging consultation

We cannot start full home staging without a proper plan. This is the reason why we begin every project with a consultation. The home staging consultation is critical in this service as this allows our team to walk in the buyer’s shoes. Through the consultation, we will be able to see the impression that the house gives to potential buyers.

During the walkthrough, our team will observe every detail of the house from furniture selection, lighting, flooring selections, and even its paints. We will be pointing out all the needed repairs for every room. At this stage, we will also communicate our ideas and strategy on how we can transform your house for the better.

So you finally decided to sell your house but you think there’s something that needs to be done to increase its value. You have come to the right place. Decogenic, may not directly connect you to a buyer, but we can help boost your chances of getting your house sold faster through our superior and complete Home Staging solution.

Our experienced designers and home stagers will surely enhance your house’s overall beauty, tempting interested buyers, while increasing its overall value. Whether you already have a vision in mind or perhaps you wanted to remodel everything – our highly skilled professionals will surely make it happen.

With our full home staging solution, we will make sure that the best feature of the house will not be left unnoticed. To do this, we will optimize the layout of your furniture and home accessories. We will point out all the changes that need to be done to your home to increase its worth and make it appealing even to the most critical buyers.

Staging office Space

Staging office Space

Our full home staging solution isn’t limited to residential houses. We also extend our service to the interior of office space and work station. Here, we will make sure to give the space the power to inspire and motivate ideas, as well as promote productivity.

Call in a professional 

Our team of professionals understands everything there is to know about staging your house to sell. Work with us to increase your chances of selling your house quicker and at the best price. 


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