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Every project, no matter how big or small it is, is carefully discussed collaboratively not only with the team but also with our clients. We keep our clients on the loop to understand them and deliver a specific style that will reflect and matches their personality.

Decogenic offers structural design, bedroom design, dining room design, bathroom design, and other interior designs that are sure to create beautiful and effective spaces that will relish your lifestyle.

Design space Planing and layout

Home decoration

We know that every element inside the interior space can create a certain atmosphere, mold one’s personality, and enrich anyone’s lifestyle. This is why our team is very deliberate when it comes to Art Selection & Procurement. Every material, furniture, and accessory is carefully handpicked based client’s budget, personal style, and ambiance of the place.

 Each one of the elements will mediate with the integrity of architecture and environment and will not go against clients’ visions. We are not only aiming to bring beautiful and elegant-looking spaces, but we also taking account of the functionality of every accessory and decoration to truly deliver a place of comfort. 

Designing and decoration

Designing and decoration are some of the initial steps that homeowner when building your dream home. Designing and planning should never be skipped and should be taken seriously. When designing and planning are properly done, only then you can execute the next steps flawlessly. Our team knows this fact very well. Whether you’re looking for bespoke full house Design, stimulating home office design, or maybe a quick home decoration, it’s always better to work Decogenic.

Home decoration

Design Space Planning & Layout

May it be a classic or contemporary concept, a commercialized or custom idea, you can assure that we all have the skills needed to create that for you magnificently. When you reach out to us, we find time to understand your design decision. In this process, we will define your priorities, understand the dilemmas you’re facing, then establish your preferences for the style and ambiance you want to create. The clearer we define your vision, the more we can help.

Through our expertise, we’ll push boundaries and inspire you with our design samples and concepts that will complement your visions.

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