Color/paint selection

Color selection ideas for home

However, if you don’t have the luxury of time, Decogenic is here to help you. Let us handle your painting to free up your busy schedule. Furthermore, if you’re selling your home, you might want to let the expert do the job for you to ensure that the interior has a touch of sophistication, thus increasing your chances of selling.

If you work with Decogenic, you can assure that your project will be completed elegantly, on schedule, and within your budget. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Painting your vision

Painting can make a big difference to your home but only if executed flawlessly. A small mistake in painting can also mean a big disaster. That is why here at Decogenic we carefully plan and discuss every step of our painting solution with our client.

Work with the expert

Let Decongenic help you bring new life to your home by proper Color and Paint Selection. With our creative consultants and highly skilled painters, we can set your painting project to success. Contact us today so we can add color to your vision.  

The color and paint selection might be one of the most exciting steps in home renovation. Coating your room with new paint is also the most effective way of transforming your interior. The color is one of the biggest factors that influence the mood and ambiance inside the room. And now you can change it when want to bring new life to your home. 

Many homeowners prefer painting their rooms themselves. There is definitely nothing wrong with this decision. You can bring out your artistic sense and you surely enjoy the process. 

Home color paint selection


We make sure that everything goes according to the plan from start to finish. We will handle and protect your furniture and belongings during the painting service. We will assure you that none of your stuff will be spattered with paints. Of course, we will advise our clients to pack their essentials.

At this stage, we also identify our clients’ preferences for style and color. Our team will help you select paint colors, paint brands, sheens, and painting techniques. We provide our clients several choices and ideas, allowing them to realize the perfect palettes that will be used in every room throughout the home.

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