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Why Staging?

• Overwhelmed and stressful homeowners have no time to showcase their house for a buyers appeal but still would like to have the best market price for their property, and this is where we come in 

• Whether your home is currently lived in or vacant, home staging can maximize your homes potential so that it expedites your home sale and results in greater profits, so with our experience and an eye for design and luxury we will always guarantee your satisfaction.

Why choose DecoGenic?

Whether it’s partial or entire home staging, DecoGenic is here to create an environment that is tailored to your needs. Our designers will provide affordable solutions for you so you can maximize your profit. If you are planning to renovate or decorate your home, then DecoGenic will provide you with your dream design at reasonable price.

since we BELIEVE that customer satisfaction comes first! with our experience and eye for design and luxury we will always guarantee your satisfaction. 

Welcome to decoGenic home decorating and staging

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Our Mission

We offer high quality personalized home staging services to home owners and realtors to ensure that their property has an inclusive buyer appeal. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations of beautifully designed, reasonably priced and magically transformed homes.​

Interior Decorating

-Art selection
-Furniture procurement
-Flooring Solution
-Home accessory selection
-Design consultancy

Home Staging

- Initial Property Assessment
- Furniture Selection
- Furniture Placement and Removal
- Wall Decor and Accessories Placement
- Lighting Solutions

Home Renovation

-Plumbing Installation
-Interior remodeling
-Roofing services
-Electrical inspection
-Window replacing


  • Why should I redecorate or redesign my home?

    The importance of redesigning or redecorating a house varies depending on homeowners’ needs and interests. But whether you’re making major changes or just a few fixes, you will get both immediate benefit and future investment. You can improve your home’s function and even discover some potential safety issues. You can also make the most of your space in different ways. You can also boost its value. Redesigning or redecorating your home may consume time and money. However, after the process, you can turn your house into a home you have always dreamed of.

  • I’m selling my property, why do I need home staging?

    So you’re buying your house, you could still get many benefits in home staging services. Homeowners who want to sell their house can dramatically improve its value. You can also sell it a lot quicker if you stage your house. Even during the home staging consultation, you will already get a lot of benefits. In this step, you will find all possible problems in your home and solve them before your potential buyer notices them. A good home stager can see even the smallest detail from proper lighting to flooring and even furniture arrangement. By getting home staging services, you have more chance of selling your home at the best price.

  • How much budget do I need for home staging?

    The answer to this question also depends on the scale and scope of the work. Our home staging services start at $999. But rest assured that our services are customized in accordance with your budget. Our team is transparent when it comes to budgeting and fees. If you contact our personnel, our representative will determine the budget that you should be expected to accomplish the project.

  • I want to remodel my home, where do I start?

    Finding the right and trustworthy people is always the first but at the same time the most tricky step. So take time in doing research. You can do your research online by reading reviews or maybe ask family and friends if they have someone to refer. When you get someone or a team that will work for you, always ask for their portfolio. Consider asking about their previous work or contacting their previous clients to know their experience working with them. This is necessary especially if you are offering a long-term project. To address this side of work, here at Decogenic, we always send a team of professionals that are easy to communicate with. We are very transparent with our work and will provide you all the information you need to get your trust and ensure that you are comfortable every step of the way.

  • Who will manage my project?

    Decogenic will assign a team of experts depending on the project. We have experienced architects, realty, electricians, plumbers, decorators, home designers, and home stagers in our team. We can also partner with a third-party company to achieve the desired results. Finally, we have project managers that check and inspect every work, as well as update you on every progress.

  • Will I need permits when I use your service?

    Permits are required for those major home projects that will make structural changes such as a variety of plumbing services, extension electricity, whole house remodeling. On the other hand, those decorative services such as interior decoration or interior function like fixing leaks, you will not be required in obtaining a permit.

  • Who will take care of securing permits?

    Obtaining permits will be your responsibility. You will also be the one who will pay all related fees. However, rest assured that we will be helping you to make the process much simpler. We will also be providing all the necessary paperwork and documents that you will need.

  • Can you give me details on your work process?

    To start, we are giving our clients a quote request form where they can describe their plan in detail. We will evaluate this form to see if our clients’ vision can be realistically made. Then the brainstorming starts. We consider our clients’ vision for customization in devising a plan. We also share our ideas to improve our clients’ ideas. After defining the concept and the work to make then we will begin the implementation. During the process, we meet and talk with our clients many times to keep you in the loop. We make sure that we discuss the whole details of our progress with our clients. As we close to the completion of the project, we invite our clients to be more involved in the process. In this way, they can still throw ideas.

  • Should I move out during Home staging or decoration?

    The answer depends on the scale of the project. For a major home remodeling, we always advise our clients to vacate the premises. This is to secure your safety while undergoing the process.

  • Once I sign a contract, how long will it take to begin the work?

    We can start the process on the same day the agreement is finalized. However, there are times when material selection can take quite some time. Rest assured, though that we will not let you wait so much time. You will also be updated every step of the way.

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